Another opinion about the film ‘Beauty and the Beast’

This letter is in response to one written by Jerry Horton from Ecru, calling the film “Beauty and the Beast” “tragic on many levels.”

First, I would like to ask Mr. Horton if he himself has seen the Disney film. It appears from his letter that he is quoting others who seem to have missed the major theme of the film while looking for some subliminal message to focus on.

I took my sister and my seven-year-old granddaughter to see the movie. I can honestly say it in no way was offensive to me or them. I saw no promotion of any lifestyle designed to corrupt anybody. Actually, it was a beautiful film with delightful characters, memorable music and a powerful theme about the miracle of love to transform.

Mr. Horton also quotes others who say “homosexuality is exploding” among U.S. teens. I am associated with a lot of young people (and I tend to remember being young myself). Sometimes, when we preach against something so vehemently, many teenagers will rebel and take up that very behavior. Saying that 85 percent of teenagers over the last decade claim to be homosexual makes me think that they may be responding more to the hard-hitting condemnation of gays than to any real sexual deviation on their part.

Finally, since Mr. Horton introduced Jesus into the equation, I have to remind him that Jesus championed the truth and finding it not in the opinion of others but in discovering it for oneself. Perhaps, if Jesus were alive today, he would have gone to see “Beauty and the Beast” for himself and, if his teachings are any indication, he would have left the theater affirming that “the greatest of these is love.”

Ann White


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