As a subscriber to and faithful reader of the Daily Journal, I am writing to express my disapproval of the recent alliance with the Washington Times. In my opinion there is no more mainstream media than my local newspaper, I would challenge anyone to argue otherwise. Am I to truly believe as the October 14th Journal asserts, that my hometown journalists need a counterweight because of their pandering to the coastal elites?

How would one define a "coastal elite," are they our neighbors in Gulfport and Biloxi? Are the coastal elites concerned about traffic in a Saltillo neighborhood, or Tom Evans' estate sale? Perhaps Eugene Stockstill's thoughtful columns are too liberal? I appreciate diverse opinions and viewpoints in the Journal, I enjoy reading George Will and Bill Crawford, James Hull and Ed Holiday but the two pages from the Washington Times printed October 16th are pieces of pure propaganda.

The folks at the Daily Journal are "so grateful" for the partnership with the Washington Times, what exactly are they grateful for? Journalism is supposed to be objective, I expect to hear this biased garbage on a 24-hour cable news program, not in my local newspaper.

As insulting as I find the new content, I will remain a subscriber, I enjoy the police reports, obituaries and opinion columns too much, if the Washington Times pages persist I can use them to start my morning fire and line the bottom of my kid's rabbit cage but it doesn't appear that they will be good for much else.

Will Reed


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