Adopted from the immortal words of Patrick Henry on March 20, 1775 at the Second Virginia Convention, "Give me internet, or give me death!"

Well, not quite that far, but some people need internet access now! We do not live in the 18th century, although some people in parts of Mississippi and the United States, without internet, may argue that.

For example, look at the Associated Press article published June 10 where it says "some students study in parking lots of schools, libraries or restaurants – wherever they can find a (Wi-Fi) signal." Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Disturbing. Antiquated. Just some of the words springing to mind.

Not only is this a failure in our country's technical infrastructure, but a failure of leadership, going all the way to the top. We live in the 21st century, and 21st century American citizens, children especially, should not have hard times finding a place to do their homework. Yes! homework, just like it sounds. At home!

Somebody needs to research, get a group together (i.e.: petition), and contact the telecommunication companies. But who? How? That’s what the research is for. Contact your politicians! Ask away. Work at it. Perhaps even find someone in the independent sector and encourage them to invest in education for a worthwhile people, a worthwhile cause.

Internet access is complicated, we know that. Sending men to the moon in 1969 was not easy either. Lots of men and women got together and thought their hearts out. Then after that, they had to think some more. Just ask Buzz Aldrin (phew on those deniers). Anyway, Apollo happened, voila, and it took work, talent, prayer, love, luck, money, leadership, but not magic (which the pros made it all look like).

This work gave way to an enormous sociological accomplishment that continually evolves through our present day, from the cell phones we use to communicate with one another, to the itty-bitty big satellites that make the business world rock along round and sound. So enough talk already about expanding internet. Time for action. Anyone out there up for the task?

Robbie Gold


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