It really is not fair! Many older residents are having to limit their "out and about" activities, but walking in the neighborhood is (or was) a good thing for us to do. Not anymore! The large hound dog up one street that threatens walkers; the big white dog that jumps the creek, barking and chasing cars and walkers; the brown dog that lies in the yard, unrestrained, but are we sure it is harmless?

So, we turn around, yet again, limited from going down familiar streets and blocks, cutting short our exercise.

One neighborhood resident does have an electronic guard in their yard for their dog and we feel very safe. Other neighbors keep their animals behind fences. Thank you! But to block access to a street or to make one feel uneasy in getting a brisk bit of exercise, that is not right.

COVID puts up enough restrictions on us older folks. Limiting us from walking safely in our own neighborhoods, well, it is not fair.

Rebecca Vallarian


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