Your column in today’s Sunday Daily Journal concerning Gov. Reeves’ proposal to eliminate the the Mississippi Income Tax is exactly in line with my thinking.

Our low work force participation rate is the result of Mississippi’s education issues. Comparisons with other states’ participation rates and relating them to their income tax rates is not logical. There is no cause and effect relationship discovered in these comparisons. There are too many variables at play below these stats in other states and in Mississippi to arrive at any conclusion.

Proposing income tax elimination takes our political eyes off our real problems here in Mississippi. Those problems are education and health care.

Has the Governor compared these employment rates with any appropriate education data?

Has the governor compared work force participation rates across the country with those states that have expanded Medicaid? Those statics might show a cause and effect relationship worth discussing. Of course, this is not a discussion Reeves will be open to having! Mississippi Today or another third party will need to do the research on this topic.

Eliminating the Mississippi Income Tax will most likely shift the tax burden from individuals with taxable income to property owners. Check with county officials on this.

If this proposal becomes law our tottering state government will most likely have an economic crisis in the near future like Kansas had as you mentioned. COVID-19 is already pushing us in this direction without eliminating the state income tax.

And, we have trimmed our state tax more than once in recent history making it less of a burden to all citizens and corporations.

Plus, a diversity of income sources adds stability to our income stream.

Governor Reeves is relying on Voo-Doo economics in this foolish proposal instead of using wise and prudent thinking.

Heaven help us! How foolish we mortals be!

George H. Booth, II


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