The Daily Journal’s editorial voice that you read in this space each day emerges from a collaborative effort.

In 2018, the Daily Journal instituted a new editorial board that meets weekly to help broaden and shape its editorial perspective. The board is an opportunity to bring a group of people together with different ideas, experiences and beliefs to discuss issues and craft a strong independent voice that best represents the Journal beyond our news coverage.

The Daily Journal Editorial Board has included one community member and recently added another to bring thoughts and ideas from outside the newspaper to the table. Joining the Board is Zell Long, Chief Executive Officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of North Mississippi. A former employee of the City of Tupelo for 34 years, she retired in September, 2010, as Director of Community Development and earned the Professional Community & Economic Developer (PCED) certification. She is a Paul Harris Fellow and upcoming secretary in the Tupelo Rotary Club. Long is well known in her hometown community of Tupelo, and currently serves on numerous non-profit boards.

“I’m humbled and honored to be asked to serve as a member of the Daily Journal Editorial Board. Reading the editorial is something I do daily, and to have input in making decisions on what is published, is an utmost responsibility for me,” Long said.

She joins Bennett Mize, marketing director and merchandise manager at Reed’s. These community positions will rotate with new members continually bringing their fresh perspectives to the board.

Staff members of your Daily Journal Editorial board are Charlotte A. Wolfe, opinion editor; William Bronson, CEO and publisher of Journal, Inc; John Pitts, sports editor; Eddie Blakeley, chief operations officer; and Elizabeth Walters, executive editor.

The group discusses possible editorial topics, as well as the stance the Journal will take on various issues. It continues to maintain the Daily Journal’s long-standing values, including improving community through collaborative effort, commitment to building the region’s future through robust public education, an emphasis on economic development, and highlighting the achievements of Northeast Mississippians.

Our goal is to make our opinion page a community gathering place – a comprehensive forum on the issues that are facing out region, state and nation. To truly do that, we need your voices, thoughts and opinions.

There are many important conversations to be had in the days, weeks and years ahead. We look forward to continuing to have them with you.

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