Amid a global coronavirus pandemic, news stories are breaking and changing faster than ever. Schools closing, executive orders, businesses radically changing how their operate or even shutting their doors for a time – the lives we so often take for granted have been upended. Within the past weeks, Daily Journal reporters have dug out the details of a story in the morning, only to have the details of that story dramatically change by press time in the late evening.

With such a dramatic need for timely, accurate information, the Daily Journal has done its part to make sure everyone in our community has access to the information we need. We have removed all restrictions on our COVID-19 reporting. It is available free of charge online for anyone to read.

All of our ongoing coverage of this crisis can be found collected in one spot at Our digital reproduction of the daily printed paper is also free at our website, for anyone who prefers to read our content this way.

However, even as we provide this coverage free of charge, producing that coverage continues to cost. Unfortunately, the tough economic conditions produced by this disease have hit the Daily Journal, along with many other businesses. Many of our advertisers have temporarily shut their down doors, significantly changed how they operate or canceled events. This all translates to a loss of revenue for our own company.

Frankly discussing matters like this may seem unseemly, but we see no recourse other than honesty: We believe our coverage has never been more vital and more necessary, but we’ve never needed the support of readers more.

We know many of you are facing your own financial hardships. Maybe you’ve lost hours at work, or lost your job altogether. Maybe your customers have all but disappeared or you’ve been ordered to close. There is much need and many deserving.

But if you’re willing and interested in how you can make sure that Northeast Mississippi continues to have robust, local coverage written by people who call this region home and love it as much as you do, please subscribe and support local journalism.

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