Scott champions cause of children

House Bill 385 is a committed Christian's effort to protect our state's children. Rep. Eloise Scott of Tupelo has once again emerged as a champion for our children.

The few school districts in the state with community education programs have offered extended school day services for some time. A small number of districts have also been able to establish partnerships with community-based organizations such as the YMCA.

Rep. Scott -- retired educator, grandmother and friend of children -- has offered legislation permitting all public schools extended day programs if needed in their communities. Many children live in area lacking the economic base to support private child care, and many parents work to avoid dependence on public assistance. Middle and upper income parents with children enrolled in non-public schools already have access to this service. Rep. Scott simply wants to ensure that our public school children can also have extended day programs available.

People of faith who take seriously their obligation to "the least of these" are needed to take a stand for children. A few adults, concerned about issues other than child protection, have generated dozens of calls to the Capitol in an attempt to deny all children access to a safe place after school.

The Capitol phone line, 359-3770, is open to everyone concerned about the safety of our children while their parents work.

Call Rep. Scott and thank her for caring. Then call your senator and representative and ask them to join her in extending to public school children the same protections already available to our children in non-public schools.

Jane Boykin, President

The Mississippi Forum

on Children and Families


Cummins' column

gave offense

This is in response to John Cummins' column on Feb. 8.

Ye of very little biblical knowledge - maybe his thoughts might be changed if he would take time to attend some good Christian college. Or maybe Carrie Nation should take her hatchet and use it on his head. Maybe this would change his mind or give him time to think in bed.

I, too, have not attended Oleput, and alcohol was one big reason. It's no place to take a child. The atmosphere is just not pleasing. If he and others who support the very thing that takes food from a hungry child's mouth, then maybe they are willing to accept the coming of God's wrath.

I'm glad that we have some city council members who are willing to take a stand. Maybe this will send a signal to other citizens to stand up and be a man. Must I remind him that he is not in the city of New Orleans, but Tupelo, the All American City? For us to become a little New Orleans would be a disgraceful pity.

Must I also remind him that adults don't act like adults after a consumption of alcoholic drink. They are not responsible, they can't walk, and they can't think. Success is not determined by the amount of alcohol that one may consume, but by the integrity that one exhibits and by escaping a drunkard's doom.

I have very little patience for those who promote that deadly addictive drug. So, I, like him, would like to put in my plug. At least he admits that alcohol abuse is wrong, that it kills people and that some people should not touch the stuff. Then why would he speak with a forked tongue, while falling off the bluff?

We need more Carrie Nations who are trying to clean up Tupelo. So if some of you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen, pack up your bags and go.

Roger W. Smith


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