Editor’s Note: According to recent work from Daily Journal healthcare reporter Michaela Morris, Mississippi households contribute a greater percentage of income toward health insurance than anyone else in the U.S. Premiums for employer-based health insurance come in below the national average, but the combined average of employee contributions to health insurance premiums and deductibles was 16.5% of median household income in the state. The following is a collection of your comments received at DJournal.com, as well as our social media pages, and emails received at opinion@journalinc.com.

“As self-employed older people, our insurance premiums increased 25% with 15.39% increase due to demographics. Plus the insurance commissioner had to approve the increase.”

Charlotte Yarbrough (Facebook)

“I’m not about to spend half of my paycheck just to be able to go see a doctor once a year when I actually do get sick. it’s sad – don’t even bring home barely $300 a week and they want $200 just for insurance. I think not. It’s all a scam”

Justin Dunaway (Facebook)

“Who can afford these high rates? I was quoted $500 month for marketplace insurance. Folks will die BEFORE they get covered.”

David Dada Morris (Facebook)

“It is so sad. All us older people got the short end of the stick.”

Sharon Brutcher West (Facebook)

“And with less benefits and coverage than ever before!”

Kathy Shelton Dexter (Facebook)

“Think it has anything to do with the fact that we are one of the most unhealthy states in the country?”

Brian Worthey (Facebook)

“It’s sad when health insurance is more than your income!”

Sylvia Elrod Sims (Facebook)

“I paid my own, self employed, for 20 years. In that 20 years it went from $700 a month to $1,800 a month. My wife finally was forced to take a teaching position so we could afford insurance. So now she works two jobs so we can have health insurance.”

Tommy Fred Franks (Facebook)

“Half my check every week goes just to cover health insurance!”

David Bolen (Facebook)

Twitter: @JLgrindin

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