Immigration Food Plant Raids

Immigration Food Plant Raids

Gabriela Rosales, right, confers with friends outside the employee entrance to the Koch Foods Inc., plant in Morton that was raided Wednesday by U.S. immigration officials.

Editor’s Note: Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided seven chicken processing plants in Mississippi on Wednesday, netting arrests of more than 680 workers, most of whom were Latino. It is the largest such workplace raid in at least a decade, and could be the largest-ever workforce raid in any single state. The companies involved could be charged with knowingly hiring workers who are in the county illegally. The following is a collection of your comments we received at, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages, and emails received at

“These plants have a long history of recruiting south of the border. They provide temporary work permits then provide substandard wages, no benefits, no worker protections, and no education or housing for their families. When the permit is up, the companies do not support these workers in remaining here or seeing that they get back home. Regardless of your feelings on immigration, this is an industry that exacerbates the problem. It is long past time these companies – and their consumers – are held accountable.”

AGoodWhatFor (

“They were illegal. Come to the United States leagally. We as US citizens have to follow the law. The employers are wrong, too. They should be arrested, too.”

Debbie-Steve Christian (Facebook)

“This is a complex issue. Regardless of whether you support or are against today’s raids and arrests, there are numerous families involved and a compassionate attitude should be taken. Laws should be enforced and it is reasonable to believe that Congress needs to give our immigration system an overhaul. Until then, ICE and the border patrol have difficult jobs to do and they should execute their duties according to the laws of the land. Prayers should be said both for the immigrants, their families, our law enforcement officers, and our politicians.”

Tony Corrie (Facebook)

“Be careful about arresting all of the immigrants, they are the people that are more willing to work than our Americans. Remember immigrants built the USA. Just know we all are going to suffer without anyone doing the work.”

Terri Cummings (Facebook)

“You could stop illegals from wanting to come over here very easy if they started sending the people who hire them to jail. But most of them are probably Republicans so that will never happen”

Steve Fowler (Facebook)

“Job well done ICE! Hats off to all law enforcement officers who risk their lives to keep us safe.”

Robert Dean (

“Yeah my thinking is quit hating period ! Illegal is illegal !! Period ! Trump is not the only president who’s done this nor have them in detainee places. Do your homework and you’ll find out that just about ALL past presidents have done this ! Homework people. Homework. Research and see.”

Phillip Duke (Facebook)

“The number one thing is ILLEGAL. It doesn’t matter if they are working or not. There is a proper way to come into this country LEGALLY.”

Carol A. Owen (Facebook)

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