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Riley Collins

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Riley Collins, the former executive director of the Mississippi ACLU, is running for attorney general as a Democrat. This week she made claims that former attorney general Jim Hood, the Democratic nominee for governor, wasn’t supporting her bid to win the office. She even alleged that he is instead aiding Republican AG candidate Lynn Fitch. The following is a collection of your comments received at, as well as our social media pages, and emails received at

“Why would anyone, and I do mean anyone, be EXPECTED to support someone? We all can vote for whomever we wish to vote for regardless of political party, personal relationship, assumed loyalty... It’s a personal thing to vote and support whomever you want. This is the whole issue with political parties in America today they think that means everything. It really doesn’t.”

Latasha Holt Moore (Facebook)

“Do we flip a quarter on who to vote for as governor this election? Every election year we hear from both sides about how they will fund public education more and give our teachers a pay raise. They surely should, but never do! We got Tate and not much to show for his previous 8 years. Entirely all of Jim Hood’s campaign contributors are trial lawyers. That’s a recipe for disaster. Just seems like Mississippi voters don’t have much to choose from this election.”

Chad Sullivan (Facebook)

“Well maybe he isn’t playing the crap of sticking to the big letter by the candidates name, the R or D. In today’s climate that is refreshing. He may not think she’s right for the job.”

Brian Ezell (Facebook)

“Don’t start on Jim. He’s running his own campaign I’m sure he doesn’t have time to worry about yours or anyone else’s. He’s not stupid.”

Alvin Dixon (Facebook)

“Everybody should run their own race”

Mark Andrew Cliett (Facebook)

“She sounds like a solid candidate who doesn’t need him.”

Kathie Kerr (Facebook)

“Like anyone would listen to Jim Hood anyway!!!”

Pam Matlock Bryant (Facebook)

“This is comical...the Republican nationally that’s a disaster...but back to local...the Republican-led state now for decades has been a disaster...MS continually ranks at the bottom on pretty much bout that Republican party?”

Toraino D Johnson (Facebook)

“It’s called free choice. Hood for governor!”

Travis Hunsicker (Facebook)

“He has the right to support whom ever he wants, just like you do!!”

Sally Taylor (Facebook)

“Have you seen any evidence that they have made an inch of progress ... now our schools are suffering, hospitals are closing, Department of Health has gone to partial weeks and services have been cut ... even the public libraries have cut their hours.”

Linda Morton Grant (Facebook)

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