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Attorney Carlos Moore is surrounded by the Clayton family as he speaks to the media recently outside the Lafayette County Courthouse.

Editor’s Note: Last week, Carlos Moore, the attorney representing the family of Dominique Clayton, who was allegedly killed by former Oxford police officer Matthew Kinne, sent a letter to the city of Oxford seeking “an amount in excess of $5 million for compensatory and/or punitive damages” for the family’s “mental and emotional pain and anguish.” Below is a collection of your comments at and our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as those emailed to

“Money doesn’t equal justice. I hope this “lawyer’s” (and I use that term loosely) poor timing doesn’t overshadow the criminal case where true justice will hopefully be served.”

Kelli Moore (Facebook)

“I don’t know if they’ll get 5 mil. But they will most definitely win this civil suit... and stop blaming Mr. Moore he is a civil rights attorney, this is what he is supposed to do..!”

Kayla Bumphis (Facebook)

“Wow. Money won’t bring her back. But what did the city have to do with this? I hope the city doesn’t cave and give over to Moore this money hungry lawyer. He is out for no one but himself. This was a bad person whom killed an innocent person that just happened to be an officer.”

Jennifer Hooker Braden (Facebook)

“If you are more upset that my clients will seek to hold the City of Oxford responsible for the death of Dominique Clayton than you were to learn of her murder by an Oxford cop, you are part of the problem. Please leave Mississippi. We don’t need or desire your kind here.”

Carlos Moore (Facebook)

“For the love of God, Kinne hasn’t been convicted, it appears the family is through mourning and has moved on to the get rich phase! Carlos Moore hasn’t been successful in the past!”

Kenny Cooper (Facebook)

“Give Carlos Moore a cookie and send him home. That is more than he deserves.”

DoctorLarry (

“This is a horrible occurrence but this attorney is awful. He’s only out for money for himself. There hasn’t even been a determination that the city was involved in any way. He’s trying to jump steps in the process and grab whatever he can get. This family probably deserves better representation.”

Steve Weeks (Facebook)

“I knew he was going to do this mess!! Focused on money first and forget about justice. He’s another Ben Crump!”

Trachell Kidd (Facebook)

“Deep Staters here whining about the dollar amount, but not the fact that we have a police officer who: allegedly murdered someone; the victim’s family told OPD the officer in question had been stalking/harassing the victim post-breakup; other officers assisted the alleged murderer by allegedly covering for him when he visited the victim during his shift; the alleged enabling officers telling the victim’s family she committed suicide; two officers who apparently covered for Kinne left the force because of their roles in alleged improprieties in this case.”

Thile (

“Nope! This was not the fault of the City. If anything, they should be commended for arresting the murderer within such a short period of time. This was about a personal relationship plain and simple.”

Laura Cary (Facebook)

“This is a stupid, frivolous lawsuit and should be, summarily, thrown out. The policeman was not acting in performance of his duty for the city. It is a sad testament that this family seems to be more concerned with monetary gain than justice for their daughter. They are, apparently, getting some inept and irresponsible legal guidance!”

Mickey Clayton (Facebook)

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