Editor’s Note: Republican Tate Reeves defeated Democrat Jim Hood in Tuesday’s gubernatorial general election. While it was the most competitive race for the governor’s mansion in the state in some time, Republicans not only swept the state’s statewide offices, they also will maintain the top spot. The following is a collection of your comments received at DJournal.com, as well as our social media pages, and emails received at opinion@journalinc.com.

“Congratulations to Tate Reeves on winning, literally only because of the ‘R’ next to your name on the ballot. Maybe now you’ll finally get that driveway you wanted to your wife’s favorite shopping plaza at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Brandon McDaniel (Facebook)

“It is worth noting that this race was much closer than previous races for governor.

2007 – 58/42

2011 – 61/39

2015 – 66/32

2019 – 52/46

I’m amazed it was this close in such a stronghold of President Trump.”

Leah Riordan (Facebook)

“Sad, sad day for women and any human that isn’t a white male. Why can’t people see the smoke cloud he was doing?”

Polly Swafford (Facebook)

“Very thankful that Tate won. I was thinking about Obama and Hillary trying to get people to vote for Hood. I just wonder how much it hurt him.”

Margi Hester (Facebook)

“Congrats! So proud that we elected a leader that doesn’t support the killing of babies! And doesn’t support evil!”

Susan Coomer (Facebook)

“What’s that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome? Y’all need to spend a little less time worrying about making America great and a little more time worrying about your own back yard.”

Jodi Cleary (Facebook)

“My heart aches for all Mississippians, especially its children in public schools and those who serve them.”

Debbie Walker (Facebook)

“Now let’s get our teachers some more money; a nice big bonus for Christmas would be a great start and then use lottery money to keep it going.”

Tommy Betts (Facebook)

“While driving around today I noticed our roads look like a Third World country. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Tate Reeves (who’s a career politician) will do nothing about it. Duhhhh. How long has he been in office and did nothing about it? Yea ... anyway ... why not spend our tax dollars and get something done? I don’t care about political parties ... I only care about leadership!”

Brian Pace (Facebook)

“Congratulations! Please keep your promise to the teachers.”

Liz Hanson Tidwell (Facebook)

Twitter: @JLgrindin

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