President Donald Trump speaks to Tupelo residents and supporters Monday afternoon at the Tupelo Regional Airport.

Editor’s Note: Daily Journal government reporter Taylor Vance broke the news last week that President Donald Trump would be making his second trip to Tupelo in 12 months. This time he comes to campaign on behalf of republican gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves. The following is a collection of your comments received at, as well as our social media pages, and emails received at

"Personally, I consider any visit from a sitting President an honor to the state and city he (or maybe one day she) is visiting. I would have no problem visiting or even potentially voting for Donald Trump, if that is what I think to be the best choice for the country!

That being said, there is absolutely zero chance President Trump's appearance, endorsement, or even legal adoption of Tate Reeves could cause me to vote for him! Agree or disagree with the president as a person or his actions, but his position is without question worthy of respect. Yet, his appearance will not affect my decision to choose Jim Hood as the absolute best choice for Governor! Jim Hood is the best choice, will still be the best choice before, during, and after this visit!"

Clint Stroupe (Facebook)

"If he comes, I sure hope that the mayor is more respectful this time and welcomes him to the city. I have always liked you, Jason, but I think you missed the call on his first trip to Tupelo."

Linda Morris (Facebook)

"I can remember a time that people had respect! This man is our Commander and Chief ... I don't care if you are for or against Trump! What I care about is this and the next generation having respect for the person that is in charge of our country! That's what's wrong with this world now ... no respect! Some old-school manners is what would help this world more than all these comments on what a dirt bag he is! Your opinion is heard folks, but please tell me how your hatred is helping anything ... This country needs to come together despite our differences and make America what it used to be!"

Tonya Henley (Facebook)

"Oh goodness, our president is coming to Tupelo, again. I don't agree with every single thing he has done or said, but it's nice that he's visiting. Just like Obama, I didn't agree with everything he said or did, but he was our president and for that I respect him. Good for the mayor for being proactive and trying to correct a problem that bothered some people the last time. In my opinion, this is all positive news. Let's just be kind and watch our elected officials show respect to different political parties."

Jenny Lynne Hutson (Facebook)

"Trump is dangerously stupid and lacks a heart, as well. What an absolute embarrassment for Tupelo."

Trena Goggans (Facebook)

'All this talk about getting criminals out of Tupelo and most of y'all are more than happy to have one fly in and speak to you."

Tyler Rogers (Facebook)

Twitter: @JLgrindin

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