Mississippi Governor 2019

State Rep. Robert Foster, R-Hernando, speaks with reporters as he discusses his reasons for running for governor of Mississippi at the state GOP headquarters.

Editor’s Note: This week GOP gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster barred a female reporter from a statewide news organization access to a “ride-along” interview unless she brought along a male co-worker to serve as a chaperone. He cited his loyalty in his marriage as the reasoning. The following is a collection of your comments at DJournal.com and our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as those emailed to opinion@journalinc.com.

You can agree or disagree with his reasoning, but refusing to give her the same opportunities as a male counterpart is discrimination. He’s a candidate and she’s a journalist. Period.

Cindy Vance Young (Facebook)

And we will all be wearing “My Truck, My Rules” t-shirts now!!! I definitely will be voting for Mr. Foster!!!

Monica Riley (Facebook)

So he won’t work with a female elected official I take it?

Brad Lanphere (Facebook)

Curious. Did Foster make that trip to the Gulf Coast in a car all by his lonesome? Was his male campaign director with him? How about his wife? If so, it seems to make his whole argument that SHE, the reporter, needed to make plans to have a male colleague join them to avoid the perception of impropriety kind of moot, wouldn’t it?

MidTennDog (djournal.com)

Pretty smart in this day and time. Sorry to say.

Carolyn Bryant Ramey (Facebook)

You have mine and my family’s votes, Robert. Thanks for using sound judgment and good common sense. We need some of that in Jackson.

freespiritsavedbygrace (djournal.com)

This is just a political ploy to garner votes. It did work out in his favor; he’s been on national media for several days.

LeftinMS (djournal.com)

Considering that 50% of his would-be constituents are female, might I suggest an occupation change? I mean, if you are afraid to have one-on-one meetings with half the voters because you are afraid you can’t control yourself...

Tim Pearson (Facebook)

He is a smart man – his decision protects both of them. I will definitely be researching what he stands for and he may even get my vote.

Amanda Warren Staggs (Facebook)

Having come from a background of politics, this was the best situation for Robert Foster. Before today, hardly anyone knew who he was. He wasn’t even considered in one of the recent polls. Now we know that he is a man of integrity and we know who he is. Proud to say he’s been the guy I would have picked for the job from the first day he qualified!!

Shay Guess (Facebook)

Smart – he knew this would create a national buzz for him – free advertising and votes, too!

Sammy Smith (Facebook)

My only question is that since it’s his beliefs and rules that prevent him from being alone with another woman, why is it her responsibility to find a man to be with them? I imagine she isn’t the first to try to interview him and won’t be the last. He should have someone on call that can do that for him. It’s not her fault he has the rules that he does.

Sarah Grace Magill (Facebook)

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