Spirit felt by church member

I wanted you all to experience an outpouring of community spirit which involved my church at West Jackson Street Baptist Church. This was the final night of a drama presentation, "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames." This last performance drew people from so many diverse areas and faiths that possibly over 500 people were turned away at the street on West Jackson. I was moved just to be at the place were there was standing room only more than 30 minutes before start time and the cars were lined up on both sides of West Jackson Street for several blocks. It looked like a scene from "Field of Dreams" when the little girl had faith that the people would come for something so special.

The people of our area proved their hunger for something meaningful in their lives by the capacity crowds that attended each night. Over 300 people accepted Christ. This is my way to at least share with you that God is indeed alive and is as powerful as the day He parted the Red Sea. Only the power of God could draw the people who began to pour into our church. Only God's presence could give a forgiving spirit to those who were turned away. There were those in cars on the street who were asking to buy a video of the program to take home with them when they realized they had missed something special. Thank you to those who attended and thank you to those who gave up seats, stood, and those who only got to listen in the lobby or were turned away.

I would also like to thank the Mall at Barnes Crossing for hosting "The Crossing" events on Saturday nights for Christian young people. They will go to places that promise no alcohol, drugs nor unacceptable behavior. They, too, are seeking God and sharing Him. Thank you to our city officials who recently voted to ban the public sale of alcohol at outside events in our city. All these stands for right will not go unnoticed by God. Let us all take up the cross, use our talents and efforts to share God and further His kingdom. After all, this is the only decision we make which has eternal benefits.

Sabrina Ganaway


Museum rendered valuable service

What a pleasant surprise to open my paper this morning and discover that the Oren F. Dunn Museum has rescued and restored the old Lee County Library bookmobile. Thank you, Angie McDevitt! Having been the bookmobile librarian there from 1987-1995 (and a local library user since the 1950s), I think it's wonderful that such a treasure will be on display. What memories I have of my years on the bookmobile! Of our patrons and of working with other librarians like Annette McGregor, Virginia Hollis, Leah Ritter Graham and Brian Ganaway.

Thinking about our past makes me wonder about our future. Our country is very fortunate to have bookmobile service. Once available just about everywhere in Mississippi, in 1998 I think you can find it in only one place: Lee County. Why? Nostalgia? No. It's because of the strong support for this type of public library service by Lee County's residents and the library's board of trustees.

From first hand experience, I know that bookmobile service is not some quaint holdover from the past. In fact, to many county residents, the bookmobile often is their public library.

By the way, I may be able to identify one person in the photo. The woman standing in the bookmobile door she may be Miss Frankie Erck, the bookmobile librarian of that time.

Mary Willis


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