Maj. Gen. George Weightman was relieved of command at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Iraq war veterans were living in miserable conditions and combating an even more miserable bureaucracy. Good news? Well ...

The temporary replacement for Weightman is Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, who last week was excusifying about the conditions and mewling that The Washington Post, which exposed the Walter Reed scandal, had offered "a one-sided representation." Just Thursday, the paper reported that complaints of outpatient neglect had been raised - and ignored - as far back as 2003.

When the commander of Walter Reed was ... Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley.

The entire situation is an outrage of the highest order ...

Where, exactly, is President Bush? And what, exactly, is he doing? Did he watch Bob Woodruff's special on ABC News on Tuesday night? It should have been required viewing for the commander in chief. Woodruff, wounded covering the Iraq war, is recovering thanks to superb care. He detailed less than the same among returning troops who suffered similar brain trauma.

This war, thanks to the ubiquitous IED, appears to produce an inordinate amount of traumatic brain damage, too much of which goes undiagnosed.

Among the poignancies in Woodruff's documentary, "To Iraq and Back," was the wrenching moment when a brain-injured Marine, trying to communicate, admitted: "I can't say what I mean."

That is perfectly all right, corporal. The disgrace comes from the higher-ups who don't mean what they say and have so badly let down our wounded brave.

- New York Daily News

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