This is in response to the issue brought up recently in a council meeting.

It looks like Tommy Doty is up and at it again. He mentioned raising the cost of permits to have carport sales. Well, I agree to twice a year and that's easy to keep record of. That would eliminate so many per year and the ones "he" says are making it a business. They're so few, it would be easy to stop that.

But what I can't understand is why a homeowner who pays property and city taxes has to pay anything at all. It's our property and we should be able to do anything on it that is lawful. We bought and paid for the items and goods we sell and even pay required taxes on them, so why does the city have a right to tell us we have to pay even the $5 permit to sell our own stuff on our own property? And he speaks of what's fair! Evidently he or any who agree with him doesn't know the meaning of the word.

It's understandable men can make rules or laws such as this because it's women who usually have carport sales. Only they know what it means to have so much merchandise that's far too good to throw away and they certainly can't continue to store it away. It should be our right to sell it to people that can use it and redeem the small amount we get from the sales.

Before Tommy even brought the subject of a $10 permit, I had long planned to write and ask why any fee.

Since it's our own property and our wares that we sell, again I ask, where does the city deserve any of it?

Jeanie James


Because of cultural reasons, little is reported on the horrible persecutions done to Christians around the world, from China to various Islamic nations. As in the African country of Sudan, the Islamic government fights to destroy the Christian faith of the Christian people. They are not above using murder, torture, slavery, starvation and so on.

Congress has a bill called the "Freedom from Religious Persecution Act." It will establish an office at the White House to monitor religious persecution and report its findings to Congress. If countries violate the provisions, then trade sanctions would be imposed. But for some fruitless reason, the U.S. president indicated he would veto that bill.

Voice your views by writing your representatives at the United States House of Representatives, Washington D.C. 20515 and United States Senate, Washington D.C. 20510.

Tim Holland


On Sunday, Oct. 5, from 2:30 to 3:20 p.m., Tupelo pro-lifers will join thousands across the United States in a prayerful and peaceful stand at intersections in each city or town. Signs saying, "Abortion Kills Children"; "Jesus Forgives and Heals"; "Adoption: The Loving Option"; "Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation"; "Abortion Hurts Women"; and "Life: The First Inalienable Right." We ask for a $1 donation for each sign, which will go to the local crisis pregnancy center, Sav-A-Life. We are also asking for donations in the form of maternity and infant supplies which can be dropped off at the sign table at Crosstown.

This will be our sixth year to have a Life Chain in Tupelo. The first Life Chain hosted surrounding areas for all of North Mississippi. Some of these communities have organized their own Life Chain, such as Booneville. That first Life Chain had almost 3,500 people standing along the streets of Gloster and Main. Subsequent years have had extremely smaller numbers, partly because of the organization of other local chains, but even then, the numbers are far lower than they should be.

Of course, the first year was election year and emotions were running high concerning abortion and other conservative concerns. Mississippi made me proud when we came out in droves and voted right out against Clinton one of only a few states to do so. Our hands are clean to any innocent blood that has been shed because of Clinton being in office. But what about the innocent blood of babies from our own community whose mothers travel to Southaven or Jackson to have abortions? What are we doing to speak out for those precious little ones and to get the truth out about abortion? I hope that we are praying. What about putting legs on those prayers? Setting our pride down for only one measly hour in an entire year to simply make a public stand for what we believe in? Jesus asked his closest friends on the eve of his crucifixion to help him pray. When they kept falling asleep, he asked them, "Can you not tarry one hour for me?" Are we sleeping when we should be praying? God forbid, for if we are, would it not be possible that there will indeed be blood on our hands on that day when we stand face to face with Him?

My hope and prayer is that those of you who believe in the right to live will participate in this year's Life Chain. I have thought about resigning my role as organizer of the Tupelo Life Chain due to what seems to be apathy, but have since resolved that I will stand for life whether I have to stand alone, with a few or with many makes no difference. Will you join me?

Linda Pender

Tupelo Life Chain Coordinator


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