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On November 11, ceremonies were held in Mississippi and across our great nation to honor all those who have proudly worn the uniform. For these men and women, service, sacrifice, and integrity are not mere words.

In times of war and peace, service to our great nation has always come with a price. In the name of freedom, many have paid the ultimate sacrifice and did so willingly to preserve our way of life.

Sacrifices are also made beyond the battlefield. Our Servicemembers have been away from home when family members passed away and children have been born. They have missed anniversaries and holidays to fulfill their duties – a steadfast commitment we must always respect and remember.

It was an honor to participate in Veterans Day ceremonies held throughout the First District. To see World War II veterans who are still with us is awe-inspiring. Think what it must have been like for them in those days. Young men left the only life they knew, leaving family and friends to fight in distant lands that no one had ever heard of.

Many women served as nurses, caring for the sick and injured at home and overseas. Others entered the workforce, building ships and planes to support the war on the home front. We call these men and women the “greatest generation” for a reason.

While we recognize and celebrate our World War II veterans, let us also remember all those who followed in their footsteps, fighting the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and those who remain at the ready in the Middle East – America’s longest war to date.

As your Representative and member of the House Armed Services Committee, it is my privilege to meet with the brave and courageous in uniform stationed at U.S. Military Installations.

During each ceremony, I wanted all those in attendance to know that we are being protected at this hour by the next generation of warriors. These young men and women make up just one percent of the population who are in the armed forces.

They are just as patriotic as all those who have served before them and are ready to fight for our freedoms at a moment’s call. As we enter the holiday season, remember them. Take every opportunity to offer the hand of friendship and thank them for their service.

Verification Alignment and Service-Disabled Business Adjustment Act

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed my legislation, H.R. 1615, the Verification Alignment and Service-disabled Business Adjustment (VA-SBA) Act.

This common-sense legislation transfers the verification of service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses from Veterans Affairs (VA) to the Small Business Administration (SBA). This will unify the two programs and prevent fraud and abuse of the system while also protecting our veterans and their businesses.

The VA-SBA Act marks the next significant step towards streamlining the two programs under one umbrella at the Small Business Administration and reduces red tape and confusion for veteran small business owners who wish to do business with the federal government.

TRENT KELLY is a U.S. Representative from Mississippi. Readers can contact him at 431 West Main Street Suite #450, Tupelo, MS 38804 or call (662) 841-8808.

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