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We’re in a day and age where common decency is largely out of the picture. I’m speaking generally here. Our politics have become so toxic and divisive. For the record, I didn’t like President Obama’s policies. I thought they had a terrible effect on our country. Regardless of how I felt about his policies, he was duly elected president on two occasions.

I think the same amount of decency should be afforded President Trump.

Like it or not, President Trump ran a campaign on uprooting the status quo in Washington. He’s done just that – from renegotiating trade agreements to reducing regulations on businesses to stemming the flow of illegal immigration. I’m not afraid to say that I like the vast majority of Trump’s policies. I think he’s helping make our country a safer and more prosperous place to live.

There is a large group of my fellow Americans who hate everything about the president. They hate his personality and his policies, and they’re free to feel this way. They’re even free to vote for a presidential candidate to replace President Trump, if they so choose.

What none of us are free to do is to undo a national election and subvert the Constitution. That is what congressional Democrats are attempting to do. Democrats have informally launched an impeachment inquiry that has no basis in law but has everything to do with the reality that they just don’t like the president.

One of the most ironic facts relating to this is that we have an election in 13 months where voters can remove Trump from office through legal and legitimate means, if they so choose. This is why we have elections.

Instead of displaying common decency and conducting themselves properly, Democrats have resorted to corrupt practices in order to obtain and maintain power. In 2016, the Obama administration launched a counterintelligence investigation into candidate Donald Trump; they wasted three years and millions of taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it. Now the Democrats are trying to impeach the president simply because they don’t like him.

Flashback to President Obama. Did impeachment ever cross my mind? On a couple of occasions. If you would have asked me to identify the constitutional grounds for impeaching Obama, I would have likely admitted that there were none. To my knowledge, President Obama didn’t commit a high crime or misdemeanor. Therefore, there was no legal basis to impeach him.

Here is what I wrote in 2015: “President Obama has turned our country in the wrong direction. With the poor precedent set by Barack Obama, America needs a fresh and bold leader.” There was no mention of impeaching him.

The same principle should apply to this president. He was duly elected by the American electorate and hasn’t committed a high crime or misdemeanor. Therefore, he should be allowed to complete his term in office without the threat of impeachment.

Ultimately, what I’m most fearful of is the day Democrats regain control of the executive branch. This party has such a disdain for conservative values that I can’t even begin to imagine the type of overreach and corruption that is going to occur under a Democratic administration. The misdeeds of the Obama administration will pale in comparison to what we’re going to see.

WALKER WILDMON is a Tupelo resident and community columnist. He is a vice president at the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Readers can contact him at faq@afa.net.

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