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The Biden-Harris call for unity, economic growth, products made in America, and an end to the pandemic has already come crashing down. The two conflicting statements below from the same major labor union exhibit the remorse that many may be feeling right now.

“Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) unanimously, enthusiastically, and proudly endorses Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of the United States of America.” – September 7, 2020, statement from LIUNA

“#Pipeline construction has been a lifeline for many #LIUNA members across the country. The anticipated decision to cancel the #KeystonePipeline will kill thousands of good-paying #UNION jobs!” – January 19, 2021, tweet from LIUNA

While President Biden was giving his inaugural speech on January 20, the congressional Democrats were plotting to impeach former President Donald Trump. Yes, Democrats are trying to impeach and convict a former president. This is blatantly unconstitutional due to the simple fact that the impeachment provision in the U.S. Constitution is explicitly intended to be used with active government officials, not former officials. If the Constitution allowed an impeachment of a former official, then the wild-eyed Democrats would have impeached George Washington by now.

What happened to unity?

Just a week into what was supposed to be an economic boom under the Biden administration, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated: “We’re a long way from full recovery. Something like 9 million people remain unemployed as a consequence of the pandemic. That’s as many people as lost their jobs at the peak of the global financial crisis and the Great Recession.”

Instead of maintaining job growth policies of the Trump administration, President Biden is moving swiftly to crush as many jobs as possible in the first few weeks of his administration by implementing insane federal regulations that are unsustainable for some industries.

Not only will the various orders on “climate change” crush thousands and possibly millions of American jobs, the orders will inevitably boost foreign oil production in countries like Russia and Iran. What happened to “made in America?”

Another executive action taken by President Biden has to do with the federal government switching to the use of electric vehicles. Many commentators dismissed this order as unrealistic due to the sheer number of federal vehicles that will need to be purchased or leased to make this possible. I’m no expert on electric automobiles, but I’m already having visions of my mail delivery being delayed because the postal driver ran out of battery power in between mailboxes. Yes, my vision is a bit trivial considering the many other issues our country is facing.

Lastly, over the past six months, then presidential candidate Joe Biden pitched a plan on multiple occasions that would allegedly rid America of the pandemic. Tests, vaccines, and mask wearing were all items mentioned by Biden. Much of this was already being promoted by the Trump administration. Just two days into his administration, President Biden admitted, “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

It seems that President Biden isn’t going to be able to fulfill many of his campaign promises considering he has spent the first week breaking some of his promises. If you’re already experiencing voter remorse, you’ll have to wait until 2024 before you can trade in this administration for another one.

WALKER WILDMON is a Tupelo resident and community columnist. He is a vice president at the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Readers can contact him at faq@afa.net

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