Sen. Wicker wrote recently that America has not always lived up to its vision. Why did he write in the past tense?

In our government’s response to desperate people seeking refuge and asylum we fail to live up to the vision of ourselves as a nation dedicated to humanity, liberty, and justice.

America helps the privileged of Central America maintain their status and wealth by looking the other way when they exploit their own citizens. We empower governments that oppress people and allow the poor to be killed with impunity. We have done this for decades.

From time to time Congress makes a bit of noise about human rights while being careful not to impede American business interests. We send funds in the name of fighting drug trafficking and gangs, but no real change is required. The plight of the poor remains unchanged. The people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras keep coming because they see no acceptable alternative. A cage with a concrete floor will not stop them. A wall will not stop them. The fears and needs that drive these journeys remain so long as America does not change its relationship to their countries.

Did the Creator only endow select North Americans from Europe with the certain inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence?

In the wonderful parable of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25), Jesus said that when you see the person in need, that is Him in need. Is Jesus in a pen at the southern border while we are in church singing hymns of praise to the Lord? Are pastors addressing this in their sermons? Is Jesus languishing on the banks of the Rio Grande as we wave the flag and treat national borders as more sacred than our brothers and sisters in need?

Yes, they are our brothers and sisters. You can not view them otherwise and be true to the Gospel. There is no exclusion for national origin in the Kingdom of God.

Robert Stewart


Close concentration camps now

It has been one year since I called Congress about the separation of children from their parents. Staffers in the offices of 1st District Congressman Trent Kelly, Senator Wicker, and Senator Hyde Smith all expressed what sounded like genuine concern and said they would work to end this practice. A year later, we have expanded concentration camps being used to hold migrants and their children – hardly an improvement. Children are still being held in cages. Several have died from lack of medical treatment. Women, including pregnant women, are being told to drink toilet water. Most, if not all, of these facilities are being run by for-profit companies that have little incentive to deliver humane treatment if it costs them a penny of profit. Our government has proven itself impotent to deal with the problem it has itself created. Again, I point out that a government that treats any people this way can easily do the same to any one of us or our children. Where are our “family values?” Where is our “limited government?” Where are all you “conservatives?” When will you speak up? President, Congressman, Senators: when will you take action? Close these camps now.

John Wages


Democratic socialists in it for themselves

Basic greed.

Yesterday a young woman told me that she had done her ‘graduate work on democratic socialism’ and that I was wrong in saying that it was one step away from communism.

Her statement told me the source of her ‘thinking’, namely our colleges. The pity of it is that I can’t even have a conversation with this woman because she believes that her college education has brought her to a height of understanding that I, a simple layman, cannot reach. She simply becomes more of the screaming mob that shuts down free speech by educators who would teach the truth on campuses – that truth being that socialism is based on taking from the wealthy. Confiscated funds are kept by those in power to do as they please.

If Bernie Sanders and the democratic socialists, et. al. want redistribution of wealth, why is it that they are millionaires? Would it not stand to reason that those who are calling for money to be given to the poor by the wealthy should be the first ones in line, leading by example? Yet this is exactly the opposite of what is happening. What happens to the millions of dollars they are collecting right now? The democratic socialist leaders are only in it for themselves. They have no intention of giving to the poor. They never have, and they never will.

Bernie Sanders has raised $38.7M so far, Elizabeth Warren has raised $35.5M, Pete Buttigieg has raised $32M, and Kamala Harris has raised $25M. When the race is over and only one of them ‘could’ win, (No they won’t) do you expect to see your cut of this excessive funding that was raised for their war chests? No? Where do you suppose that money will go? To the poor? Do you think they will empty their pockets? I don’t think so... “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” ~ So, tell me Judas, what are you going to be doing with the silver?

Paul Sudduth


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