On Wednesday, America was attacked by domestic terrorists who attacked the Congress in an effort to overturn the results of our election and install Trump as President-for-life. The attack was directly incited by Trump, who earlier the same day called on his supporters to march on the Capitol building.

The next two weeks are a dangerous time for our nation. A desperate man who is mentally unstable, yet has the nuclear launch codes with him and remains one of the most powerful men in the world — this man was not removed from office yesterday under the 25th Amendment, as should have happened. Therefore, the only recourse is impeachment NOW, removal from office, prosecution for these crimes to the fullest extent of the law, and disqualification from ever holding federal elected office again. One man— no matter who he is — will never destroy this country.

As for the Senators and Congresspeople — including Mississippi’s entire Republican House delegation and Cindy Hyde-Smith — they must all be removed from office for sedition. The rioters themselves must be held accountable and prosecuted. Many of them may not have been fully aware of what they were doing, but anyone who broke windows, trashed offices, pushed or punched officers, or carried the Confederate flag into the Capitol did know. The truth about each case will come out during a trial by jury, as should occur speedily.

More importantly for the future of the country, the root of this evil lies at the top, with the enablers in the Republican Party and with Trump. It must be dealt with decisively and according to the Constitution. We must have an investigation of why the police treated this white mob so gently, while we all know exactly what would have happened if they had been Black Lives Matter or Muslim. Even peaceful Black demonstrators in such numbers at the halls of Congress would have risked being tear-gassed. Yet, these white rioters were allowed to rampage all Wednesday afternoon while Trump watched gleefully on TV, according to reports from inside the White House.

Pence, Cabinet, Congress — do your job. Remove this man.

John Wages, Palmetto Community

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