There are several online dangers including cyber predators, scams, cyber bullies and sharing too much personal information. Most kids and adults don't think about these types of dangers, and it affects people physically and emotionally.

Cyber predators try to lure kids and maybe adults out of the house and hurt them. So it's good not to talk to people you don't know online. People get scammed all the time like on games, social media, and many more. Some scammers want your money and some want your personal information. Sot it's best not to share anything but your name.

Cyber bullies affect you emotionally but can also affect you physically. I read about suicide all the time because of cyber bullies and they do it so they don't  have to look you in the face. Sharing personal information is very dangerous because you don't want predators coming to your home.

Chrisitan McGrath


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