Christianity is here to stay

I am the seventh child of eight kids and we were a poor family, but my Mom always told us that we were as good as anyone, but to remember we are no better. She also told us that Jesus loves us and that we had an angel watching over us.

This we always believed growing up and I still do. Christianity is here to stay and if you can’t change on your own and your Mom doesn’t give you love, then try to read kids’ Christian books that show love and maybe this will help you.

I believe when a child isn’t shown love, then they grow up doing nasty things. So do what you can, but when you can’t, don’t worry about tomorrow. Be kind and God will bless you, so be guided by the Holy Spirit and you won’t carry out your selfish desires.

To me the world today has lost this idea and has become so self-centered that people only believe in self, which only influences their conduct. We also have too much killing and sex on TV today, which to me doesn’t help a child who isn’t loved.

Believe in America’s religion. Believe in the flag and Christian symbols, and do unto others as they would do unto you, and always believe in self and the love of one another.

Juanita Horstman


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