Dear Editor,

On November 23, 2019, Walter Williams wrote an article entitled “Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid.” As a friend in Memphis wrote to me, “Denying is in ... deny the climate change, deny the Russians being involved in the election hacking, deny Trump does not tell the truth often, deny what I eat Thursday will contribute to my weight!”.

Mr. Williams refers to a “scientist” by the name of Tony Heller. Please look online at Tony Heller’s work. I’m afraid that he appears to not be a “scientist” in my definition of the term.

I was a climate change denier in the sense of believing it all was some gigantic hoax being perpetrated. I mean denying, in the sense of doing my level best to deny it was happening as it frightened me.

I began about 20 years ago, by reading the news and scientific sources about the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. And it didn’t sound good.

I wanted to ignore it. I would read articles spelling out the dire future ahead and would spend the rest of the day in a concerned mood because the problem with facing up to the reality of climate change is to face up to the fact that my life thus far has contributed to danger to our climate. I was not so much denying the science as wanting to deny reality. The more I read the less able I was to do so. But even now I still get a glimmer of hope when I read an article suggesting some research has found evidence that it’s all natural and normal because I don’t want climate change to be a real thing. I would love it to all be a hoax.

But it is not.

And any political party or government official that refuses to even consider the science facts on climate change is not fit to govern. How could individuals not see what we are doing to our planet? What legacy are we leaving for our future generations?

All that I can do is place my fears and concerns into larger hands than mine!

Richard Ballard


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