There are many homeless people that need help in our community. They need shelter and jobs to be productive. Currently in our community many homeless have substance abuse problems that keep them from living "normal" lives. Others are mentally ill and need medication to help them live healthy lives. And others just need a hand up. It's a three-pronged issue.

My solution is a tiny homeless community that works with businesses that help find them jobs. The homelsss person helps, along with the commuinty people to build a small community that supports each person in need. They work with a small substance abuse center for low-cost counseling in exchange for jobs. The mentally ill are monitored and checked by doctors, but are allowed to live in the community as long as they work. Those that need a hand will leave the quickest after thay have gotten back on their feet.

If there are checks in place to make sure people follow the rules, more homeless can get help and resources they need.

Ethan McGrath


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