This is in response to T.K. Moffett's comments on why President Trump should be re-elected. If you are going to list his so called accomplishments, you should consider the "pros" and "cons."

The cons are that one of his cronies, Steve Bannon, took millions from "Build the Wall" donations to buy luxury SUV's, plastic surgery and such. You may say this is not what Trump has done, but they are cut from the same cloth.

President Trump neglected the virus by saying it was going to "disappear" or it was a hoax. When Americans are dropping like flies and schools and businesses closed because of it, you have to consider that, too. Also, I saw a report that he had funneled a ton of money (campaign money) into his private business.

By the way, I have always voted republican, the party has sold their "soul" to Trump.

Judy Dunaway


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