After seeing pictures in the Journal of the two proposed state flags that will compete for a place on the ballot in November, I feel compelled to comment. When I looked at the flag containing a shield, my first thought was "battle." So, I consulted my old American College Dictionary and found the definition for shield and here it is: "A piece of defensive armor of various shapes, carried on the left arm or in the hand to protect the body in battle." My question to the flag commissioners, who will decide which of the two flags will appear on the ballot, is this: "When most people looked at the old flag that is being replaced, do you think their first thought was about battle between the North and the South?" We don't know for sure but our switching to a flag with a shield, and its relationship to "battle" on it, certainly leaves room for doubt. I would hope that the flag commissioners give careful consideration to all possible issues in order to give us a choice that will unify and not continue to divide the citizens of Mississippi.

CMSgt Bob Wilson (USAF, Retired)


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