Let's discuss the state flag. I oppose replacing it with the "Stennis flag" for one important reason: it's ugly. The Stennis flag was designed to be bland, dull, inoffensive and boring and it achieves those goals admirably. The design looks like it was swiped from a generic Fourth of July paper plate.

Here's an idea: several states have their state seal on their flags. Why can't Mississippi do the same?

If that's too simple a solution, try this: set up a website where any school kid can submit their own flag designs, then let people pick their favorites. Eliminate all but the top 10 vote getters, then narrow those choices to a top three.

After that, let voters go to the polls and choose a winner. Three new flags. Doesn't that sound easy? Whatever wins will look better than the Stennis design. 

So let's do it already.

Richard Wilkinson


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