Last weekend a letter writer compared the removal of Confederate symbols to revisionism undertaken by the Third Reich. I think ending the glorification of the Confederacy is more akin to what happened after World War II. When the Nazis were defeated, their iconography was rightfully taken down. How might Germans who had been brutalized by that regime have felt if West Germany had included Nazi symbols on its postwar flag? Asking African Americans to be represented by our current state flag seems equally insensitive.

I remember visiting the old Lee County courthouse in the early '80’s. You could clearly read the words “WHITE ONLY” by the restroom door. They had been painted over, but you could still read them. Ending racism requires more than a thin coat of paint. Mississippi must make more substantive changes.

Let’s relegate the Confederacy to the museum, where it should have been left long ago. Updating our flag would be a good place to start.

Mike Bouchillon


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