Despite unprecedented challenges brought by the Covid-19 virus, Mississippians are pulling together creating opportunities for the future.

Some say, “Covid-19 has changed everything.” Maybe. Change can be for better or worse. We are free to choose how we react to challenges.

State Senator Chad McMahan with Representatives Donnie Bell, Shane Aguirre and Jerry Turner have worked in tandem with the Community Development Foundation, Three Rivers Planning and Development District and the Mississippi Development Authority to gain support for infrastructure, public education and workforce development to encourage private capital investment creating new jobs for North Mississippians.

This teamwork with Governor Tate Reeves, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann and Speaker Philip Gunn has resulted in companies creating 385 new jobs in Lee county this year.

North Mississippians share strong values of faith in God, commitment to family and teamwork in building our communities and economy.

As history shows, when faced with a challenge, North Mississippians pull together, we come back stronger, we create a brighter future.

Glenn McCullough, Jr. 


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