Any intelligent person can appreciate the problem of being the Press Secretary for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. This president, according to a documented list of over 10,000 lies by the Washington Post, is a very different president than we have ever had before. And President Trump tells more lies every single day.

But in your editorial back in April about Sarah Sanders and her “slip of the tongue” as she tried to explain her comments about FBI agents not liking James Comey, you didn’t acknowledge that she has told many other lies during her time on the job, as do the other spokespersons for our despicable President.

For example on Inauguration Day, Trump claiming that he had the biggest Inauguration crowd ever, when all you had to do was look at the photographs comparing his Inauguration to Barack Obama’s to see the startling difference.

We have gotten into a terrible place in this country when people seem to think that the news has legitimate sides. The news ought to only have one side and it is called the truth. Sarah has now left the White House, maybe the new Press Secretary will speak the truth. We can only hope.

Jim High

Iuka, MS

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