Dear Editor,

I am writing to recognize and commend the integrity of one of your area citizens.

I was on my way to Atlanta from my home in Clarksdale to visit my brother. I stopped at a gas station in Sherman. I drove off with my wallet on top of my car.

I searched for the wallet to no avail. Panic set in as I started cancelling credit cards.

Returning home and near Batesville, I get a call from Clarksdale's City Clerk saying a person called and had found my card.

I called the lady, we had a conversation, and she said she would return my wallet.

What I did not know until I arrived home, just what hoops this lady went through to find me. Through an internet search she found I was a former mayor of Clarksdale. She posted EVERYWHERE on Facebook if anyone knew me (I got a call from a person I hadn't heard from in 50 years). She found my page and posted on it. She texted and emailed me.

To say the least, I was grateful she did. Her diligence and most important her integrity is proof that there are indeed good people living on this earth.

If anyone goes to the Chic-fil-A at the Thompson Square location in Tupelo, please let Casey Wortman know I am grateful for her honesty.

John M. Mayo


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