I am proud to support Donald Trump for re-election as President and here’s why:

1. Economy: Trump has done more for the U.S. economy in terms of creating jobs, deregulation, and tax cuts than any other President. He has stopped the flow of U.S. jobs to Mexico and has brought them home.

2. Law & Order: Trump is a law and order President. The police have a difficult job - they put their lives on the line every day. I served as Tupelo City Prosecutor for ten years. The policemen I knew were professional and did their jobs well. Tupelo and the surrounding area can be proud of their police.

3. Border Control: Trump has made the borders mean something. Unless we stem the flow of immigrants from Mexico, we will look like Little Mexico in ten years. Immigrants want to immigrate from Mexico to the U.S. because we are the land of opportunity. The Democrats apparently want us to look like Mexico in terms of drugs, lack of jobs, and poor people. If we listen to the Democrats, we will be as poor as those in Mexico.

4. U.S. Supreme Court: Trump has appointed two conservative Supreme Court justices during his first term. The next President will likely appoint two as well, and we can’t afford to elect Joe Biden, who will appoint liberal justices. Conservative appointments to the Supreme Court are critical to the preservation of human life.

5. Radical Control of Democratic Party: Joe Biden will be controlled by the radicals in his party due to his ailing health. Biden’s cognitive decline during recent years cannot be ignored.

6. Military: Trump has re-built the military, which has always been the finest in the world until Obama got elected. Obama diminished the military considerably, and Trump has rebuilt it. Half of Army brigade combat teams are at their top tier of readiness, 80% of military aircraft are airworthy at any given time, and the Navy is larger.

I wholeheartedly endorse Trump for re-election as President and encourage your readers to endorse him also.

T.K. Moffett


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