I remember, when State Senator Chad McMahan ran for office, he aligned himself with Melanie Sojourner and Chris McDaniel. Also, he was at a lot of patriot meetings and those patriots helped him get elected. He stated on the campaign trail repeatedly "I am a fighter."

Going off the above information we thought we had a freedom fighting patriot among the best in the state to represent Lee County; however, we have been disappointed. After, his first year I noticed a change, he started to distance himself from the patriots and talk more about the Republican party. I wonder if the Republican party leadership got to him?

I can’t recall one time Chad McMahan has stood against a committee chairman or the Republican party regarding freedom. Also, he hasn’t worked behind the scenes to push pro freedom bills either.

Then this year he floored all of us voting to bring down the state flag! Calling it the Democrats battle flag at Veterans Park (seriously).

I work within the Ms Code of 1972 to push freedom, trying to make Mississippi more like New Hampshire, Alaska, and Wyoming; I have found Chad McMahan to be totally absent from this work! Has Chad supported raw milk legalization? Nope. Selling chickens at the farmers market? Nope. Production of industrial hemp? Nope. M-COOL for beef and pork? Nope. Religious exemption for vaccines? Nope. Nurse practitioners to have full practice authority? Nope. Anti-illegal immigration bills, like Texas and Alabama? Nope.

I could go on, but I hope you get the point. Some patriots in Lee County would like to know why Chad McMahan isn’t working to restore lawful Republican government in Mississippi?

Chad Scott


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