My wife and I recently uncovered a dusty box of College books. Nestled in the bottom was a small tattered edition titled “Communism - "The Deceitful Tyranny”. This book was required reading in Corinth High School in the state of Mississippi in the mid 60’s. Isn’t it telling that this book of required study in 1964 would probably be banned by many high schools in the US today!

It is easy to understand the allure of Communism and Socialism... a benevolent government controlling all aspects of our economy to ensure that everyone has all they “need”... free healthcare, a guaranteed living wage, basic food, and equality of outcomes! A utopia of sorts ! Problem has never worked! The Communist Soviet Union planned to control the world with their nuclear power, space technology dominance, and the appearance of economic success as their people languished in long food lines. Look at Cuba and the recent economic collapse of Venezuela while they sit on top of one of the world’s richest reserves of oil while lacking the infrastructure and management skills to tap. Look to communist China as the government even now shuts down the economic freedoms in Hong Kong.

The writer Schwartz warns of the tactics to be used by the Marxist to “take over” the United States of America...

First, they will create division among the people by race,n ationality, gender, and economic status .. trying to create mistrust with various economic levels. Second, they will create an appearance of national support for Socialism through the manipulation of the news media. Next they will use the media to neutralize any opposition...the cancel culture we experience today! Last and most importantly, they will fuel mob rioting and revolution.

Do you notice any similarities to what we are dealing with today?

This is a challenging time! We citizens who value our freedoms and our culture of individual responsibility, hard work and the equality of opportunity not outcomes must step up and speak out. We must have the courage to voice our beliefs in the face of the hateful cancel culture and complicit media.

If we fail to do so we will likely experience a national demise!

Hoyt Wilder

West Point

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