To the Editor:

Vote for Amory – vote dry on December 10. Liquor tricks you. It uses you; it ruins you.

Look at this new epidemic of vaping – it has caused 2,100+ deaths. It is legal for adults to use, but kids 14 and 16 years young get it. Young adults get it. It is killing and maiming.

It is the same with having liquor legal in our small town. Young ones get it and become alcoholics, and more killing and maiming comes with it.

I hope you read the letter from Ms. Alice Ortiz in the Monroe Journal. She told of two towns around us that have legalized alcohol. Do you see how liquor has moved their towns forward? Absolutely not! I have lived in both towns and can verify everything she said. They have slowly but surely moved backward.

Do you want this for our town? They say more taxes – more businesses. Truth! More police protection, more business from trash on the streets (cans, bottles). This is where any tax increase goes. More businesses – liquor stores and open bars. As Ms. Ortiz said, the only ones that make money are the ones that sell it.

Vaping can only hurt you who do it, but alcohol causes you to hurt others. Every mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother. Ask yourself this question: Do I want to be the one responsible for ruining a member of my family or someone else’s family? If you answer this question truthfully, you will say no way! The only thing you can do is vote no for legalizing liquor in our town. Legalizing alcohol would only move our town backwards, not forward as their slogan says.

Christians, we are in a spiritual battle. We can have the victory through prayer. God provides all the resources we need to prevail.

Go vote no to this battle on Dec. 10.

Hilda R. McNeese

Shirley Rochester

Barbara Parker

John and Yvonne Hathcock

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