To the Editor:

Every week, news leaks that some Republicans are privately shocked and outraged by President Trump’s behavior. I am urging those representatives to stand up in public and actually do something about it by supporting his impeachment and removal.

Thanks to a whistleblower complaint and witness testimony from the House’s impeachment inquiry, we know that Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to help him in the 2020 election by investigating one of his potential opponents. In fact, that’s now been confirmed by at least seven witnesses. Soliciting a foreign government’s help in American elections is an impeachable offense on its own, made worse by the fact that Trump threatened to withhold critical military aid unless Ukraine complied. Trump leveraged taxpayer-funded resources for personal gain, plain and simple.

It’s far more important to confront Trump’s open threat to our democracy than adhere to party lines. Republicans can’t sit idly by while Trump acts with impunity. The evidence is simply too egregious to ignore. It’s time for members of the GOP to support impeaching and removing Donald Trump.

Jamie Rebentisch


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