I have always believed in helping our fellow man. We send billions of dollars each year to people for foreign aid in foreign countries who hate the United States and for what we stand for.

But we have fellow men in this country as well. I am talking about the men and women who serve or who have served this great nation of ours. The military veterans, who in my opinion, should be able to go to any doctor or hospital they choose for medical treatment. I also think that the government should pick up the tab because we all know how the V. A. hospitals are poorly managed, not to mention waiting lists longer than lay-away lines.

I know this would cost billions of dollars as well, but at least the money would be well spent and certainly appreciated. So if you know someone in the military, offer up a salute and a handshake and say to them, “thank you for your service.” For the record, I am not a veteran.

John W. Turner


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