You break it…. you fix it

Tishomingo County highways 355 & 356 were once asphalt roads which have now been reduced to dusty, dirt roads due to heavy haul logging and sand & gravel trucks hauling upwards to 80,000 gross pounds. The logging trucks are supplying an out of state paper-mill in Tennessee and the aggregate trucks are being loaded at a local unregulated sand & gravel strip mine. These roads were never structurally designed for heavy loads and should be restricted against heavy haul loads.

No response from State Representative Carpenter and Lt. Governor Hoseman requesting legislation for a “Posting and Bonding” program for heavy haul users on Mississippi county roads. Secondary roads would be load zoned with restrictions for heavy hauling. Heavy haul users would be allowed access to county roads after posting bonds to cover road repair costs for excessive damage inflicted. Many states have implemented “Posting and Bonding” programs for secondary roads which requires those haulers that destroy roads to be responsible for the repairs. This sort of program would stretch county road budgets and give relief to taxpayers.

Normal wear and tear of load zoned secondary roads should be at the expense of the taxpayer. But taxpayers should not have to pay for excessive damage to inferior roads inflicted for the benefit of a few heavy haul users.

Please contact Lt. Governor Hoseman and request legislation to make those who tear up our roads to pay the costs for repairs.

Dan Crothers

Pickwick Pines Resort

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