Molly Wray, a former teacher at Lafayette County High School, has been formally accused of Enticement of a Child to Meet for Sexual Purposes.

The incident was brought to the attention of the school district on June 4, who then reported the situation to authorities. Lafayette Superintendent Adam Pugh was notified of the situation by an administrator within the district and, as he is legally obligated to do, Pugh contacted the sheriff’s department.

“We have been working with local law enforcement and will continue to do so until the situation is resolved,” Pugh said Thursday morning. “It is a very unfortunate series of events that has occured for all parties involved.”

Earlier this month, Wray notified the district that she would not be returning in the upcoming school year, effectively resigning from her role as a teacher with the Lafayette County School District.

After Pugh notified the sheriff’s department, the authorities took over the investigation, eventually leading to the involvement of Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Chief Investigator for the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department Alan Wilburn is overseeing the departments handling of the situation.

“On June 4, 2018, The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint from the Lafayette County School Superintendent about a teacher having improper conduct with a student,” Wilburn said in a statement released to the Citizen. “The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department along with Mississippi Bureau of Investigations investigated the allegations and on today June 20, 2018 an affidavit for Enticement Of A Child To Meet For Sexual Purposes 97-5-33(6) has been filed on Molly Wray of Oxford. Molly Wray being a school teacher and in a position of authority a probable cause hearing must be held in front of a Circuit Court Judge to determine if such probable exist in order for a warrant to be issued for her arrest. A probable cause hearing will be set first available date.” Twitter: @chaningthegreen

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