Thursday night, the Lafayette County and Oxford Public Library’s auditorium was filled with families gathered to watch a puppet rendition of the classic tale of “The Three Little Pigs.”

The show was performed on the stage using a puppet theater the library keeps on hand. Library card-holders can check out puppets, or event just put on their own little show in the children’s sections.

Kids in the audience giggled and cheered as three puppet pigs stood up to the big bad wolf as he huffed and puffed away two of their homes. Upon encountering the third pig’s house, made of sturdy brick, the wolf had a problem blowing it down. Giving up on his usual tactics, the wolf jumped down pig’s chimney. Little did the wolf know, the pig was cooking soup. The wolf ended up in the fire and ran away with a burnt tail, never to be heard from again.

At the conclusion of the play, the audience clapped and cheered. Out from behind the puppet theater stepped the actors, 4 young people carrying the puppets they voiced during the production. They lined up in front of the stage and recited the different roles they played. The actors then passed out little pig noses they’d made with egg crates and elastic string.

The tiny audience members giggled, adorned in pink little pig noses, as they filed out with their parents in tow.

This rendition of “The Three Little Pigs” was put on by two pairs of siblings. Puppet masters Gus and William Keene and Bailey and Andrew Dorris. Gus Keene, 14, has been doing puppet shows for about five or six years now.

He first started with the library. They had a troupe they were calling the Puppeteers. The troupe was made up of volunteers who leaned how to put on a puppet show for younger children who came into the library. Gus loved it.

“I like it because it’s entertaining, not just for me, but also for the little kids who come through to see it,” Gus said. “It’s so exciting to see them smile. I get to spend time with friends making puppets and rehearsing. It’s nice.”

Gus needed help to put on this show at the library, so he asked his little brother William, 12, to lend a hand. The Dorrises were brought in and asked if they were interested and they were. Soon they had a little troupe of their own.

Bailey, 15, and Andrew, 7, have been doing a puppet shows since last fall. The pair did a few shows here and there and realized it wasn’t such a bad way to spend their time. They’ve really enjoyed the work so far and hope to continue performing.

The newly created troupe said they had a great time at their first performance together, and look forward to performing together again soon. Twitter: @chaningthegreen

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