Elliot Root bring eclectic sound to Double Decker


Before they hit the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama next month for the Hangout Fest, rockers Elliot Root will perform at the Double Decker Arts Festival on Saturday. <>The Nashville, Tennessee-based alternative group will take The Graduate Hotel Stage at 4 p.m.

Challenged by the surrounding Music City music scene, Elliot Root has received attention for their eclectic mix-up of impactful melodies and an ever-changing variety of soundscapes influenced by the bands many call musical heroes of all genres.

Elliot Root is composed of Scott Krueger, Sean Truskowski, Justin Smith and Todd Bond.

The foursome’s music offers listeners an engaging experience of poetic lyrics supported by unique rhythms and musical anecdotes.

Live, the band brings to the table a high-energy show, moving the crowd to be found in the experience of dynamic vocals and an array of musical arrangements.

With a spirit-driven message of love and hope, the band calls on its audience to be free in the moment.

Elliot Root currently has two EPs under their belts.

The group released “ER/EP” in May 2014 and the four-song EP “II” in March.

Another four-song EP, “Thoughts From Yesterday,” will be released on May 18.

Those who preorder the latest EP will receive an instant download of the lead track, “Chemical Sweat.”

For more information on Elliot Root, visit www.elliotroot.com.

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