Whether it’s game day in Oxford, or a crisp October day at a hunting camp, fall fashion has something to offer for everyone. Trends for the 2018 season include: animal print, rompers, neon colors, plaid, power red, sleek suits and leather everything. Local stores on are stocked and ready to go for the cooler weather and lower temps as locals transition from summer to fall.

Amanda Lewis Hyneman, from Neilson’s Department Store, said that there are major shifts in fall trends this year – especially in color. “Army green is king. Not only is camouflage big, anything in olive and green tones is huge. Another color that is blush pink, and actually, blush pink paired with army green is a really great look.”

According to Vogue, the brighter the color the better. Short dresses, assertive shoulders, and electric-hued animal prints were featured on several runways for fall. The ’80s are back, big time. Opt for an oversize outerwear from Marc Jacobs or a slinky little dress from Saint Laurent or Isabel Marant, the only rule this season is more is more. Tory Burch featured a ton of hot pink on her runway, while Tom Ford featured bright hues of green.

“Colorful outerwear is big this winter. Gone are the days of black, grey and navy jackets, as they are being replaced with red, green and pinks,” Hyneman said.

Nicole Wright, from Indigo’s said that skirts and shorts for gameday are best sellers in red and navy. “Leather everything is super trendy right now. Leather skirts and shorts sell really fast. We love a chunky turtleneck sweater tucked into a sassy leather skirt. Rompers are still really popular, and a good option before the cold comes.”

Hyneman said that they are able to plan for games in the first part of the season being hot and the later games being cold. “For the young ladies we are seeing lots of rompers. Short and pants rompers are trending. Girls like the fact that they are comfortable and all they need to do is accessorize with a great pair of earrings and a necklace. Trends for ladies include short and long sleeve blouses that can be worn tucked or untucked. Our buyers have bought game day color sweaters, jackets, caps, scarves and gloves for the late season games. Game day performance polos embroidered with the Ole Miss logo are always our number one seller for men. Some men have been shifting towards shirts that aren’t logoed, but still follow the game day color guidelines.”

Wright said that platform shoes and wedges are still a major hit in her store as well as smock tops, animal print and tie front tops.

“In footwear we are seeing several new trends this fall. Mules have made a comeback along with white bottom anything-both in men and ladies’ shoes. If it’s got a white bottom it’s hot! Booties are still trending, and girls are pairing booties with anything from skinny jeans to dresses. This fall booties have been updated with cutouts and perforations. One of my favorite trends is all weather shoes. More and more brands are updating the all-weather shoe and making them fashionable. Colorful duck boots, waterproof leathers, wedge heels and funky lace ups are definitely on trend. And of course, sneaks! Zip wedge sneakers are a favorite of our shoe buyer,” Hyneman said.

“For men’s fashion, guys in the South are embracing the slim cut pant and shirt. Casual is still king, but when guys dress up its easy when they put on a clean, slim pant and slim fit top. Quarter zips and henleys, along with layering will make its way back into men’s closets this fall,” according to Hyneman.

Hyneman said that Neilson’s has expanded their Spanx leggings selection. Along with the black leather leggings, they now carry them in pebble, chocolate brown, charcoal, pewter and moto style. Ladies can pair this with oversized blouses, sweaters, and ponchos. “Since they are Spanx, these leggings don’t necessarily mean you have to wear an oversize top, because they hold everything in. Fuzzy and eyelash jackets are great novelty pieces that can be worn not only for dressy occasions, but with jeans. Flare leg jeans are back as well. Skinny and straight jean legs are still on trend, especially with distressed hems that may include diagonal fraying and scissor cutting.”

Both Neilson’s and Indigo’s are located on the Oxford Square. Follow @neilsonsdepartmentstore and @indigosoxford for more fall fashion trends.

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