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The One Night Stand Art Show will be returning to the Ole Miss Motel next weekend featuring local artists as well as those from all over the country.

The show will feature a variety of artists, each set up in a rented room at the Ole Miss Motel on University Avenue. Each room will be turned into a miniature gallery displaying the work of one artist.

Food will be sold onsite by Smoke Shop Oxford, and they will also have vegetarian options available as well. Drinks at the event will be poured by Jackson Beer Co.

This is the 12th year of the show. It’s been organized every year by local photographer and author Erin Austen Abbott.

“That’s a hard question because there are so many components to this,” Austen Abbott said when asked what she loved about the show. “I love the community aspect of it. I love that I’ve been able to created this thing that brings people together who normally, maybe wouldn’t look at art in the same way. Like, maybe they don’t usually go to art shows or are more reluctant to go to any traditional art environment. For them, this can be their small gateway into appreciating art, and maybe now they’ll be interested in going to shows, checking out museum receptions and stopping by Southside. This can be for anyone.”

The show will feature a mix of local and out of town artist. Most of them have never participated in the show, but there are a few of them who are returning. Among them is Jonathan Kent Adams of Water Valley. The One Night Stand was his first official art show back when he was an art student at the University of Mississippi. Austen Abbott said that she looks forward to seeing him come back to the show every year and see how much he’s grown and evolved as an artist.

“I like to continue including him because I think it gives a really cool perspective of how a working artist can go from being a college student who doesn’t really know what they’re going to do to actually living as a working artist, “ Austen Abbott said. “You can see the progression of his work and it’s a really great thing, I think. I try to use the show as a way for seasoned artists to show their word, but also up and comers who have never show. I think Jonathan is a really good example of what what I envision for the show when it comes to new artists. He’s really great about working with the space and I just think he’s a great example to keep bringing back every year.”

Other returning artists include painter and sketch artist Adrianne Brown David and tintype photographer Michael Foster. Nicole Gladden, History Bones and Rebekah Flake are locals who will be joining the show.

Tammie Gilfoyle of Ann Arbor, Michigan will be alongside Heather Sundquist of Austin, Texas, Kristen Ley of Jackson and Corynne Pless of Los Angeles who will be featured in the show.

Hannah McCormick of Hannah’s Art Lessons in Water Valley will be there as well. She will have some of her students’ work on display as well as leading a short class for kids at the show.

“I love that it’s such a fun event too. When it first started, it was this kind of in-the-know thing and not a lot of people knew about it. But as we’ve grown, it’s become so much more common to hear people talking about it. Personally, It’s cool for me to see an idea that I had and stuck with become what it is and stay going for so long. It makes me happy. I get to throw this yearly party. And every year, people still come.”

The One Night Stand Art Show will be at the Ole Miss Motel on University Avenue on October 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. free of charge. Those wishing to come earlier can pay a $20 admission fee that includes a meal from Smoke Shop and first dibs on purchasing any art at the show.

Parking will be available across the street. Taxi drop off is also welcome. Twitter: @chaningthegreen

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