Fresh start: 'Dores Jamison headed to play for UAB

Lafayette offensive tackle Jordan Jamsion signed on to play with UAB. Photo by John Davis

By John Davis, Sports Editor

A lot of hard work, and some excellent size, has paid off for Lafayette offensive tackle Jordan Jamison. <>

The Commodore signed on to play for the University of Alabama-Birmingham, better known as UAB, Wednesday morning. UAB will not play football this coming fall as the school is in the process of reorganizing the sport, but the Blazers will be back in Conference USA in 2017. That's just fine with

Jamison, who is essentially making history as a member of the first class since it dropped the sport in 2014.

“It's an honorable thing. To be able to start from here and to be able to play at the college level is really an honor, I feel blessed,” said the 6-foot-7 Jamison adding he made his choice after his official visit two weeks ago. “Their program went down a couple of years ago and just the demand for it to come back by the town, I just really thought it was amazing.”

The extra year to get acclimated to college will only help, Jamison said.

“When the first year is ready to come around, I'll be more ready for the college level. I will be able to hopefully succeed,” Jamison said, who also had a scholarship to Samford located in metro Birmingham. “Right now, I stand No. 1 on their lineman board. UAB felt the best.”

Jamison's goal is to major in psychology when he gets to school. He will be there in July to start workouts. The Blazers are able to practice even if they can't play. Jamison did say that the team can scrimmage all next fall. A large part of the UAB class will be made up of junior college players. Jamison said he got to know some offensive linemen and a running back during his visit. Jamison talked about the plan to sign players from all over the Southeast, and branch out from there.

Lafayette coach Eric Robertson called playing for UAB “a great opportunity” for Jamison.

“They have a great coaching staff over there led by Coach Clark. They're starting fresh and they have an extra year to get things together,” Robertson said. “It's great to start with that class. The excitement of getting football back at UAB, I'm glad he's going to get to be a part of it. I think he's going to play a big role there eventually. I think the fact that he could get his master's degree done in five years is a big part factoring in him going there. Then when you go there, it's a nice facility and they're doing things at UAB and that was attractive to him.”

Cody Stubblefield saw Jamison blossom as an offensive lineman the past few seasons, and felt that he would get better and better.

“I'm super excited for Jordan. I think that's a great move for him. I think UAB got a great kid and a great player,” Stubblefield said. “I think he will do well. I think he's got a lot of upside.”

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