The 2020 Presidential election has been called and it looks like Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.

On Saturday when the election was called there were no riots, looting and burning of cities. I think this says a lot for the Republican party.

During the campaign there were several items the democrats ran on that gives me reason for concern.

If the election results hold and Joe Biden becomes our President some of his campaign promises will affect all of us.

My fear is that gas prices go back to the way they were when the democrats were in the White House 4 years ago.

The conversation of raising the minimum wage needs to be thoroughly debated in the House and Senate. I am all for people making more money, but raising the minimum wage in a place like New York city is quite different than the minimum wage in Mississippi.

If states are not allowed to control minimum wage in their states it could put some employers in a position to stop producing totally or forced to raising the prices of their goods and passed onto the consumer.

The idea of packing the Supreme Court to swing the court to a liberal court is something that needs to be stopped.

The Supreme Court has had nine justices on the court. The constitution gives the Congress the power to set the number of Justices on the court.

I pray that Congress will uphold the number as it has been since 1869.

The citizens of the United States came out in record numbers to cast their votes. When the votes are counted and certified, we must accept the results.

When the final votes are certified and Joe Biden becomes the President, all of the United States citizens need to respect the office of the Presidency, pray for our President and all of Congress.

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