Two-hundred-fifty-nine criminal cases are on the docket for the three week term of Pontotoc County Circuit Court which convenes Monday, July 26, and concludes Friday, August 13.

Court officials stress that cases scheduled on the docket are subject to change or continuance. Also, plea days are scheduled for July 21 and 22 and some defendants may plead guilty prior to the start of court.

Seventy-nine cases are on the first week’s docket, 95 are set for week two and 85 cases are on the third week’s docket.

Seventeen cases are set for trial on Monday, July 26. Defendants and their charges include:

-Jackie White, three causes, including trafficking meth, receiving stolen property and taking of a motor vehicle;

-Michael Fortune, aggravated assault-weapon, felon with a weapon and hindering prosecution;

-Rakeem Wilson, aggravated assault -weapon, hindering prosecution;

-April Williams, intro of contraband in correctional facility;

-David Hudson, aggravated DUI, death;

-Joseph Brown, possession of meth with intent;

-Dearius Wren, burglary of a building;

-Jason Gomez, two counts of shooting into a dwelling;

-Daniel Hill, DI 4th;

-Brandon Simmons, DUI 4th;

-Michael Pryor, embezzlement;

-Justin Bannister, cyberstalking;

-Ashley Westmoreland, child abuse;

-Melvin Westmoreland, DUI 4th;

Brittaney Kestner, possession meth with intent.

Also on Monday, July 26, four defendants in four cases are scheduled to be sentenced, including:

-Johnnie Loggins, possession of hashish with intent;

-Troy Hudson, two counts of fondling;

-Darrell Bean, DUI 4th, habitual;

-Robert White, DUI 3rd and felony fleeing (habitual).

Fifteen cases are set for trial on Tuesday, July 27, including:

-Jimmy Hogue, sexual battery, no consent;

-John Hamilton, aggravated assault-weapon;

-Kirsten Dobbs, possession of THC;

-Angelicia Casados, shooting into a dwelling;

-Dennis Montgomery, child abuse-harm;

-Mathew Crump, grand larceny;

-Keenan Souter, possession marijuana;

-Jackson Clark, possession meth;

-Jonathan Aston, burglary of building;

-Kahlil Souter, possession marijuana with intent;

-Daniel Alexander, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation;

-Cordell Barnes, false ID;

-Jeff Tutor, possession meth;

-Garrett Davis, possession meth;

-Courtney Rockwell, possession meth with intent.

Sixteen cases are set for trial on Wednesday, July 28, including;

-Stacey Easley, aggravated assault-weapon and felon with weapon;

-Cory Palmer, fondling 1st;

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated trafficking meth; possession cocaine with intent; possession of marijuana with intent;

-Isadra Reza, conspiracy, trafficking oxycodone and two counts of script forgery;

-Austin Waller, possession of meth with intent;

-Robin Milsap, possession meth;

-Frank Harston, possession meth;

-Justin Anderson, burglary of building and false pretense;

-Porchia Thomas, introducing contraband -correctional facility conspiracy;

-Wendell Cheney, possession of meth with intent;

-Charles McShan, DUI 4th;

-Montrell Pegues, taking of motor vehicle;

-Ryan Lane, four counts of burglary of vehicle;

-Jeremy Derrick, burglary of building;

-Bobby Thompson, two causes, including: seven counts of false ID;

Sixteen cases are set for trial on Thursday, July 29, including:

-Jaborius Wren, two counts aggravated assault-weapon and aggravated domestic violence-weapon;

-Tredarious Westmoreland, two counts aggravate assault-weapon;

-Ashley Shelton, DUI 4th;

-Terry Judon, DUI 4th;

-James Moody, possession precursors with intent manufacture;

-Santonio Sanders, promote prosecution-solicitation;

-Derrick Townend, felon with a weapon and DUI 4th;

-Pamela Castle, possession meth with intent;

-Courtney Tate, possession meth;

-Donovan Exson, possession meth;

-Felipe Padron, DUI 4th;

-Chad Hinton, DUI 4th;

-Sherry Washington, embezzlement, exploitation of a vulnerable person;

-Jamie Robertson, embezzlement;

-Michael Denman, DUI 4th;

-Pete Peters, possession marijuana.

Fifteen cases are set for trial on Friday, July 30, including:

-Brian Bailey, DUI 3rd;

-Jacob Nash, DUI 3rd;

-Jaron Roberson, hindering prosecution;

-Allison McWilliams, DUI 3rd;

-Josh Greathouse, DUI 4th;

-Jartavis Penro, two counts introduction contraband into correctional facility; conspiracy;

-Jakiya Griffin, introducing contraband into correctional facility, conspiracy;

-Ryan Vandiver, two causes, including taking of a Motor vehicle and felony fleeing;

-Charles Thomas, two counts burglary of dwelling-larceny; two counts possession of stolen firearm;

-Ashley Mendoza, three counts child removal from state;

-Tyler Robinson, burglary of building;

-Joshua Smith, child endangerment-test positive for Controlled Substance;

-Kyler Fitzpatrick, three counts burglary of a building and burglary of a dwelling-larceny.

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