Who would have thought back in March that we would still be battling the Coronavirus on July 4th?

As we look forward to the July 4th weekend, it will look much different than in the past. There will be no kids parade down Main Street. No gatherings of friends and family at Howard Stafford Park for food, music and fireworks.

I understand why the decision was made to cancel, as with numbers on the rise, it is just not wise to put people in a situation where they could contract COVID. The risk is just not worth it.

It seems that the more we try to get back to normal, the more we realize that normal may have changed not only for now, but may have changed forever in ways we have not realized yet.

2020 has been one for the record books and there has been much said about all this is happening around a Presidential election year.

I am not smart enough to orchestrate a pandemic, murder hornets, riots and now West Nile virus all the take our attention off the Presidential Election.

Half this year is gone and we have had enough chaos for a lifetime.

With every chaotic event that is going on this year, the one thing I feel confident in is the spirit of the American people.

The spirit that was shown in 1776, when the American People declared their independence from Great Britain.

The American People founded the greatest country in the world and no virus, riots or murder hornets will change that.

It is time for all the American people to look at what is happening the in the world today and realize that we are being fed an agenda by main stream news.

Don’t just sit and be fed information, read, learn and make your own judgement on the world today.

That is the American spirit that will keep America strong.

However, you celebrate this year, remember the American people that founded this great country, and the constitution on which the country was built.

Happy Independence Day!

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